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Instruction how to setup the application.

Make sure after installation you can execute the application from the defined installation folder, by default this is installed at C:|Program Files\MPT\iPower.exe

Goto the Setup Tab and define a default SCALE, I called it 1:1 in my setup, and set the variables all to 1.

This is mandatory even if not used, this will only be used for INT and LONG types that need a SCALE.

The next step is to define every registers data type, that the system know how the data type of the register queried, this will all be CAST to DOUBLE when stored and read by the application.

After the DataTypes is defined, it is time to build a METER type, this can be anything that comply to Modbus RTU Holding Register function type. It is important to know this is the absolute address, some PLC and Meters make use of BASE 0 or BASE 1 offset for the registers. Make sure you input the absolute address to query, the application will now subtract the BASE from the register queried.

When all this is done, you can define the location of these METERS under the SITES tab.

After the SITES is defined we can add a METER and the name where it is measuring, I add the SITE name and measuring point together, just for easy reference in the application and when chars are saved you can see it in the Title.

After this is done you can run a Test and see if the meter can get queried and trend the data to see if it is correct, or use the Realtime chart Tab to see if the values are correct and trended correctly.

Enable the Data collector to sample data in the background thread at defined times defined under the meter section.

Look under the Debug and Exception tabs for any errors.


Enjoy and please submit your constructive comments to enhance this application.

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