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Energy (Electricity) in South Africa is relatively affordable compared to the rest of the world, but this wont be the case for long, as maintenance on sub stations and generation systems were neglected for a long period of time, at the current growth rate of the population and businesses local authorities forces end users to use energy effectively and wisely.


One of my function at work is to implement automation systems to control the use of equipment like lights and aircons based on movement triggers and time of day timers.

I know allot of shelf products that provide this functionality, but it is reactive only, the software needs to log for a period of time before the data means anything.

I wrote iPower to facilitate the data capturing of currently installed meters - Schneider PM710s at various sites measuring consumption at different points down the line.

My idea of this software was to make it universal for the industrial market place to add Sites and Meters of different types as you want.


The software package offer a setup tab to input any Modbus RS485 RTU compliant meter or PLC supporting various data types (FLOAT, INT and LONGS in various WORD orders), registers and custom scales can be defined if needed for non FLOATING point data types.

By making use of protocol converter up to 32 meters can be monitored easily over a single Ethernet TCP/IP network using very little IT infrastructure compared to other systems.


Different sample timers can be selected to optimize bandwidth costs for less critical meters monitored over a WAN infrastructure.

The software package support Real time data capturing function to graph various power/energy variables on demand and facilitate a data logger that run in the background logging data on a timed interval for Historic viewing later using Line and Bar charts.

I decided to make this project Open Source as others contributed so much of their time in products I use on a day to day basis for free, hopefully I can contribute to others needs doing the same.

Some Screenshots :





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